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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to submit my mood?

Whenever you want! You can even submit multiple entries each day to monitor your mood closely.

Why do you offer Good mood MyBubble Plans?

Some mental health issues such as bi-polar disorder or addiction can cause feelings of extreme happiness, elation or highs. This may result in out-of-character behaviours or actions therefore, it is important to manage these extreme feelings just as much as periods of bad moods.

How much should I write in the MyBubble Plans?

Write as much as you and your bubble find helpful! It is 100% customizable to you and remains private to just you and your bubble.

Where can I get extra support?

Return to your Settings and click Additional Support. You will find a list of charities that can provide you and your bubble with support.

How do I become a MyBubble Content Creator?

If you are a mental health professional, coach, business or expert that wants to support and reach as many people as possible, then contact us at