User Reviews

An app that cares about peoples mental health
I’m a man that struggles with my mental health. Somebody recommended me to try this app and it’s definitely helped me open up more and ask for help. I tend to bottle things up and this gives me the flexibility to journal, track my feelings, think about what always helps me and work out what might be impacting my moods. It also lets me communicate how I’m feeling to my wife and mates separately if I want by clicking a button without needing to talk. I know I should talk more about my feelings when I’m struggling and this app makes it easier to do this. They also use the app for themselves and let me know how they’re feeling too so I can help. It’s meant that we actually talk much more and look after each other’s mental health

So easy to keep tabs on my family’s mental health

This is such an incredible app - I’m so impressed by how easy it is to use, the lack of bugs, and the overall clean interface, given that this is a new app to the market.

Since using the app, I’ve found it super insightful.. One sibling I thought was doing great actually feels meh quite a lot of the time, my teenage sibling (predictably) has mood swings - I feel like I have the same level of day-to-day emotional connection with them as when we all lived together.

I’m a super busy person, and MyBubble makes it easy to quickly see how the rest of my family is feeling - as we all live in different areas, this is so useful. It’s like a little alert that tells me when I should send someone a quick message or give them a call. Honestly a lifesaver for busy working people who find themselves forgetting to call loved ones!



I discovered MyBubble about a month ago. I love the simplicity of recording your mood and being able to check in with others. It’s now free to use too. The mood tracker shows me how my week has gone, over a month & over a year. So when I’m having a down day I can see that’s not always the case. I’ve also found it useful for my son who is being supported by CAMHS so without having to open a conversation he can just check in on here. Fantastic app, thank you

Very simple app in terms of usage with the potential to save lives! Currently using this app to help a family member going through a tough time who struggles to communicate his feelings in conversation. Now he can hit a simple button to let us know a little extra support is needed. Can't wait to see what updates the future brings!


Russ Taylor

This is the best mental health app I've used. As a man I struggle to talk about how I'm feeling, remember to journal and get support. In this I can journal how I'm feeling everyday, track my feelings over time, let my wife know how I'm feeling without having to feel embarrassed anymore. I never leave reviews but for once I feel that this app is made to help people rather than take my money like others. Thank you developers. Us men need to talk more and this helps. Even my wife and kids use it

Best mental health app I’ve used
I never leave reviews but this deserves it. I downloaded it to help my childrens mental health. Me and my wife struggled to know how our children were feeling or how to help. Now we all use it everyday to track our moods and send little alerts to let each other know how we’re all feeling plus what to do to help. It’s really easy to use and feels like the app was created to help normal people like me rather than make money. It’s free to use and on social media they said they’ll be posting free mental health help for free in the app soon.

Tom B


Great app, easy to use
The app is super easy to use which makes it something I can quickly and easily use every day. I love being able to take a quick checkpoint on my mood and track it over time, and sharing with MyBubble is such a simple but effective way to reach out to my support network without making a big thing of it - very clever.

Such a great idea to be able to choose to share how you are feeling with others in your Bubble so you/they can become more aware of mood triggers as well as actions that help. It can be so hard to reach out to people when you need help or support. This app will be so useful, especially for those times when it's just too difficult or scary to ask for support in a more direct way. Also useful for those in Bubble to know when things are good too so they don't have to wonder constantly.


Wendy B