MyBubble's Story

From Tragedy to Positive Change

MyBubble was founded by Qasim, an ex-soldier in the British Army and a self-taught Cyber Security Consultant/Ethical Hacker. Whilst his ADHD & Autistic tendencies means he's full of quirks, he channels this to create platforms for good.

In early 2021, Qasim's younger sibling made an attempt on their life. He was blindsided by this incident and he had no idea what to do or how best to help. After wondering how other families cope in similar circumstances, he began researching for accessible services or platforms that could help his family's situation.

After struggling to find something that allowed his family to collectively support one another, he set about designing and developing his own solution.

He designed MyBubble in his free time at home in South Wales and, after paying bills each month, funded its creation. 

Today, MyBubble is a completely free mental health app for people to easily share how they’re feeling with family or friends, know how to support one another, track what causes how they're feeling and access free, qualified mindfulness and mental health guidance 24/7.

Despite MyBubble starting as a family project, the app has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people internationally and holds 5-star ratings. Its traction has shown Qasim that it can genuinely help lots of people with their mental health and that his story of being an ex-soldier & mental health advocate can encourage others to open up too.